My spinal cord was damaged at C7, suffering central cord damage rendering me an incomplete quadriplegic. From the MRI and CT studies the cloud of damage in the cord is clearly visible. Early on during my hospital stay I formed this picture in my mind of a light beam emanating from the heavens. I imagined this light beam focused directly on the injury site, acting like sun, focused on the ‘cloud’ in my central cord and dissipating it much the same as an early morning sunrise might burn off early am fog or low clouds. I have always held onto this vision. I’m especially tuned into this when I am in quiet moments stretching either at home or the gym. I think of this light beam as coming from a universal energy force and its healing energy focused directly on my spine. This energy force could be likened to a God-force, or in my way of thinking a kind of Jedi-force - a force for good. I’m not particularly spiritual. I do believe there is some kind of force in the universe that we can all tap into. Many do this through prayer. I do it through visualization. I do pray from time to time, and believe in its power. I believe its power is sourced from this universal energy force. Visualization, a form a mindfulness, is a powerful force that can enable healing.