Transitioning Your Social Self-Talk


James H. Osborne The Meaning of Winning
James H. Osborne Choose2Win Hashtag

How do you #Choose2Win?

When faced with a fork in the road, which way will you choose to go?

James H. Osborne Choose2 You Choose

Make Your Voice Heard

Step 1. Select your personal choice

I choose [         ]: 


  1. To move for 10 minutes intervals throughout the day
  2. To practice self love
  3. To write in my journal everyday
  4. To eat a healthy breakfast
  5. To go for a run
  6. To practice meditation
  7. To learn a new yoga pose
  8. To set a daily intention
  9. To learn a learn language
  10. To work with passion
  11. To nurture my relationships
  12. To put down the bottle
  13. To make it happen
James H. Osborne Define Your Terms

Step 2. Share your purpose behind your selected choice

Step 3. Share a photo that highlights the terms of this choice

Step 4. Share it on your social platform