I believe that most of what happens in our lifetime is a consequence of the choices we make. Some choices we make are routine and pedestrian, like when will we get up or what will we eat for breakfast. Other choices we make our more profound and durable, like whom will we marry or where will we live. Certainly there are things that happen that we don’t choose. I didn’t choose to have a catastrophic injury that day in 2007. I don’t believe that you, relative or loved one chose to be diagnosed with some terrible illness or disease. There are times when stuff just happens. We do exercise choice in how we respond to these involuntary events. Will we succumb, surrender and give in OR will we choose to fight the good fight - aspire, persevere and prevail? I contend that I am by choice. I contend that you are by choice. Without choice there is no way forward. We are just idling, orbiting in circles, going round and round on the merry-go-round. Choice gives us direction, and most importantly a way forward.