I have been very fortunate to recover so much lost function over the last decade since the accident. It is not lost on me that I have been lucky to become functionally independent. Despite these accomplishments there are still headwinds that I have to face every day. It is part of this, in my doctor’s words, “unimaginable injury.” The most challenging deficit is chronic pain, which always hovers between 3 and 5 on a scale of 10. I would describe the pain as distressing, meaning much of my time is spent thinking about how to manage it. I use a combination of approaches - exercise, over-the-counter medicines, visualization, stretching, medical mj, icing, massage, acupuncture and reflexology - to name a few. I have a compromised bladder, which is often over-active and often subject to spotting accidents. I have issues with my toes, constantly at risk of infection, fungus, and toenail overgrowth. Fortunately I found an awesome lady, Dawn, who does what are called medical pedicures, or medi-pedi for short. She has been a gift in taking care of my feet. I have serious issues with spasticity, muscles constantly seizing and constricting. I combat it with exercise, frequent daily stretching, muscle relaxant medications, and movement. It is akin to having your emergency brake on all the time, and does impede movement. It also makes it extremely painful to stand, especially standing in place. Unfortunately my gluteus muscles don’t fire properly so all the stress is absorbed by my hip flexors. I’ve discussed some online links that have provided an array of exercises to activate and help wake up these dormant muscles. I’m beginning to see the benefits. Despite these deficits and others I face I remain undaunted in my pursuit to improve my physicality and emotional well-being. I acknowledge them but will not let them derail my efforts to improve my condition.