I have been asked on occasion what gets me up every morning. My frank answer is that it is often a struggle, fighting through the overnight hours of frequent awakenings caused by pain, extensor cramps and bladder needs. Despite these I always have goals in my mind for the next day, usually starting out with an early morning workout. The goals for the day extend beyond exercise, whether it is things I want to accomplish at work, website, book or speaking events. The goals give purpose and drive me to push through the headwinds and inevitable resistance this cruel and relentless injury poses. I have a focus now, and that is doing something I haven’t done very much in my life - giving back. For the better part of my 60 years it has often been about me, my professional ambition, my physical fitness, my well-being. I now know there is a larger purpose for me, and that is to use my story, experiences and learnings to affect positive change in the lives of others, especially those facing some kind of life infirmity, not just spinal cord injury. Another factor that drives my daily focus is my two incredible children who in their own ways have suffered as a consequence of my injury. I owe it to them to give my best every day. I want them to know that their father committed to fighting the good fight, aspiring, persevering and prevailing on my terms. Leaving a legacy of commitment, resolve and determination matters a great deal to me and hope those are characteristics they will embody in their own lives.