I remember growing up during the summer and my parents would often drive us 90 minutes or so from our home in Weston, MA to our extended family home in Dublin, NH, called Knollwood. Knollwood was purchased by my maternal grandfather Ernest Flagg Henderson II in the 1950’s. It was originally built around the turn of the 20th century by Franklin MacVeagh. He was appointed by President Taft to be Treasury Secretary in 1909. He served in that role until 1913. After changing hands and eventually falling into a bit of disrepair grandfather bought Knollwood, refurbished and furnished it, and made it a very comfortable location for all of his descendants to enjoy. The town of Dublin, and Knollwood, are located on the Mt. Monadknock crest, with incredible views looking south and east toward the state of MA. It was in Dublin that much of my young, pre-teen life grew up into teenage years. We belonged for many years to the Dublin Lake Club adorned with unusual red clay tennis courts; and a perfect sized mountain lake for swimming and sailing sunfishes, and a classic clubhouse that was perfect for social events including square dancing. It was here that my Dad and brothers Tom and Rob taught me how to play tennis. Dublin also had a nine hole golf course where Dad taught me how to play. I learned to swim in Dublin Lake. There was a raft with a slide and high jump about 100 yards offshore. To be able to use it without supervision you had to pass a swim test that involved swimming the entire distance of the lake, round trip, about 1 mile overall. I have so many fond memories of Dublin and the indelible impact it had on my life, especially my propensity for sports. I hadn’t discovered hard, aerobic pumping sport yet, but I did learn, sometimes the hard way, sportsmanship and competition. I especially remember so many trips with just my Dad and I. In more recent years, like the last 40 or more, Knollwood became the home of my dear Aunt Augusta and her late husband and my uncle Ambassador Joseph Carlton Petrone. They have done an incredible job maintaining and enhancing Knollwood (man-made lake Augusta, winery, grounds, rebuilt stone walls, garage, and so much more) as well as doing all the enormous preparations to host an annual family reunion every summer. Mt. Monadknock keeps a close eye on Knollwood, a mountain that many of the family climb every year, and one that I climbed countless times growing up. In the spirit of traditions these family reunions are another event that binds us all together, reminds of us our roots and lineage, and a chance to connect again even though so much of our lives are spread all over the country. We are a fortunate family and one I am blessed to be a part.