From my early days in the hospital I had no hand or finger function. Zero. I couldn’t hold anything in my hand, couldn’t grip a utensil, struggled mightily trying to get my fingers to do anything. I couldn’t even get my thumb to touch my forefinger, let alone touch any other fingers. The journey ahead was daunting. In my maniacal pursuit to get independent, I embarked on this process of making movies in my head of what I wanted to accomplish. These movies were authored, edited, published, scripted, acted, produced and directed by me. I choreographed the movie of what I wanted to accomplish in great detail, every movement, every nuance I could think of. In the case of getting my two fingers to touch, I scripted a movie whereby I did the exercises I was asked to do - playing with silly putty, handling dominoes, marbles and coins, trying to pinch clothespins, picking up playing cards off a table and more. I wove into the movie script gradually bringing my two fingers closer together after every exercise, until one day two weeks later I was able to get them to touch. Pedestrian goal? Perhaps, unless you're neurological system is compromised. Victory? Absolutely!