On Tuesday and Thursday this past week I participated in book signing events. They were held at the Seattle Athletic Club downtown where I am a member. It was a great honor and very generous of the club to host. One lady in the course of conversation asked, “We all have our off days – how do you manage to come down to workout when you don’t feel like it?” Interesting question, especially given that there is never a time when my body feels like working out, as I know I will pay a price. I said there were a couple of reasons. First, I am doing something that is good for me both physically and mentally. Second, it is when I feel most alive – active, moving, sweating, pushing myself. Third. I honestly don’t give myself a choice. I made the choice early on in my recovery to get independent. I resolved to do everything in my power not to be enabled by anyone or anything. Getting to the club consistently is executing on that choice.