Tom is the second oldest behind Molly. Tom and his wife Kyle own and operate a B&B in Limerick, ME, a little over 30 miles from Portland. They have two beautiful daughters, Anne and Jessica. Tom will be retiring shortly, but I suspect he will not “fully” retire, at least not yet. Tom in many ways is like my Dad, gifted with musical talents both instrument and voice. His voice is something to behold. One of my fondest memories was when he sang the wedding song at our wedding service. There wasn’t a dry eye in the sanctuary, and every time he has sang it since brings tears to my eyes. His voice over the years, as he has learned opera and more, is something to behold. His voice projects his soul, powerful, emotional, heart-felt. Tom has played tennis most of his life. I grew up in a tennis family and marveled at Tom’s talent and consistency. He played in high school and he and his double’s partner came in first place in the state of MA. The summer of 1978 Tom and I shared an apartment in Brookline, just a few minutes west of Boston. We played a lot of tennis that summer and did some running as well in the hazy, hot, humid, dog days of NE summer. It was during that summer Tom and I did something really cool for the 4th of July. We rented a canoe and decided we would “put in” near the Science Center along the Charles River. Our goal was to paddle across the river to the Boston Esplanade and listen to the Boston Pops play while looking at the fireworks high overhead. It was quite an event. Tom and I also ran a marathon together in the summer of 1983, the Maine Coast Marathon, which hugs the coastline in and around Kennebunkport. The interesting thing is that I trained hard for 3 months before the marathon, did all the things to properly eat and hydrate before, wearing all the appropriate gear. Tom started with me, only intending to run the first 8-10 miles, meetup with Kyle, and then drive to the finish line to watch me finish. Only thing is he and Kyle never connected, so Tom ran the whole thing unbenounced to me. He did this in tennis sneakers, not properly prepared in anyway, shape or form. Yet he did it. That alone tells something about Tom. Grit. Drive. Determination. There’s something else even more profound about Tom - his heart for others. Tom’s example for serving others is a model for all of us. I know of no one who is more unselfish, more giving, sacrifices more or has an innate ability to sense and connect with people as Tom. He has been a strong familial force in my recovery, attentive, compassionate, able to know what was on my mind or what I was going to say before I said it. I’m grateful for all of my siblings and Tom is a gift that always gives, never expecting or wanting anything in return. Love you bro!