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Will Your Way Back


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Exercise and fitness have been a central part of James Osborne’s life throughout his adult years. A place of refuge, solace, camaraderie and hard work, James gave his all when running, skiing, cycling, rowing or various court sports. It brought him great joy and fulfillment. Until June 2007. Abruptly, catastrophically, Jamie sustained a sports-related injury that rendered him permanently disabled. His professional career as an information technology leader derailed. His participation as a recreational enthusiast was brought to an involuntary halt. Years after the accident, his body continually betrays him, and he faces daily residual deficits from this “unimaginable injury”. His family has struggled mightily coming to grips with this new normal. Jamie remained undaunted and harnessed all of his faculties to battle this condition and in the process regained many aspects of the functions he lost. Today, he can live independently, with minimal assistance or accommodation.


A note from the author:

My passion comes from an unwavering desire to inspire, encourage and give hope to not just those facing the consequences of this “unimaginable” injury, but to reach out and touch those who may be infirmed or facing any life adversity. My story is deeply personal, real, authentic and in many places vulnerable.
— James H. Osborne

A note from a New York Times Best Selling Author:

You will close the book believing there is no problem you cannot solve, no mountain you cannot climb, no obstacle you cannot overcome to lead the life you desire to live.
— Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon, Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Selling Author of My Sister's Grave

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I often use the moniker “choose to win.” Some have said that life can be distilled in to the choices we make and the relationships we cultivate. In my case, all of the cells in my body were screaming don’t, it’s too hard, the mountain too high.

Early on in recovery when faced with a fork in the road I chose to fight the good fight, defined my terms, took a stand and chose to win. Winning not in the absolute sense but winning on my terms. What I’ve accomplished over the last decade is testament to that choice.


Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Inspirational. Relatable. Raw. Visual. Educational. Hopeful. Exemplary read! Almost impossible to stop reading, it is so good! You can see, feel and relate to Jamie’s story as though you were there with him, through the entire ride to current day, willing your way back with him, every step of the way, cheering him forward.
— Ivy Meadors, CEO, speaker, author, High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc.
A brutally intimate account of a horrific injury and one man’s decision to beat seemingly insurmountable odds. To anyone who has suffered a devastating physical injury, Will Your Way Back is the inspirational and heart-wrenching true-story of the commitment, desire and courage to never give up and to never give in. You will close the book believing there is no problem you cannot solve, no mountain you cannot climb, no obstacle you cannot overcome to lead the life you desire to live.
— Robert Dugoni, #1 Amazon, Wall Street Journal and New York Times Best Selling Author of My Sister's Grave
I challenge you to read this book without having tears of appreciation for how Jamie willed his way back from paralysis following a spinal cord injury. For anyone with a challenge, whether health or professional or marital, this book has brilliant advice and equally brilliant inspiration. You owe it to yourself to read it.
— Mrs. Frank Perdue (Mitzi), Author Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue.
The true devastation of spinal cord injury and paralysis on patients and their families remains truly underappreciated by the general public and—outside of the affected specialties—most of the medical establishment. Will Your Way Back by James Osborne vividly describes the amazing power of the human mind to bounce back from an overwhelming injury. It also shows medical professionals how much more there is to learn and do to overcome paralysis, from which over three million US citizens suffer.
— Jens R. Chapman, MD, Swedish Neuroscience Institute, Seattle, Washington
In his book Will Your Way Back, James Osborne teaches a master class in humanity and grace. If you’re feeling great, read this book and learn compassion. If you’re enduring more than you think you can bear, this book will give you hope.
— Joan Broughton, author and Resist Ageism blogger
Our school’s motto is “Aspirando et Perseverando.” In “defining his terms, taking a stand, and choosing to win” in the face of an ultimate form of adversity, Jamie has captured the essence of this motto in Will Your Way Back better than any individual I have ever known. His inspiring journey provides a powerful example—indeed a road map—for all of us of how to confront, navigate through, and overcome the most daunting challenges in our lives.
— Peter Evans, dean, Avon Old Farms School, Avon, CT
James Osborne’s personal story is nothing short of amazing. He is completely candid about the struggles he faces, both physical and psychological, throughout the continuous journey forward from his tragic accident. His is a lesson of personal focus, growth, determination and the sequence of thousands of minuscule successes required to achieve such goals. His is also a message in humility as he quietly chooses to continue each and every day.
— Dave Stockwell, technology leader and entrepreneur
Will Your Way Back is a memoir of Jamie Osborne’s tenacious recovery from a severe spinal cord injury incurred in an unimaginable cycling accident. This superbly written book is intended to empower others who are adjusting to life with a disability. In telling his story, Jamie vividly describes the impact of his injury and recovery on his identity, spirituality, and relationships. Jamie openly unveils his doubts, fears, losses, and setbacks, and joyfully celebrates his remarkable victories.
— Eric N. Newberg, Professor of Theological and Historical Studies, Oral Roberts University
Whether fighting back from an injury or simply dealing with age-related limitations, you will benefit from Jamie’s personal story as he describes his journey back from a near fatal bicycle accident. Will Your Way Back is a very personal story of physical and emotional recovery driven by the authors courage, tenacity, and hope.
— Dennis Madsen, community nonprofit leader and former retail executive
Sourc: Unionleader.com
This is a great book. It’s extremely readable, carries you forward with no slow parts, and is amazingly full of important insights. I’ve always felt that the greatest gift one human being can give another is inspiration. It’s inspiration that gives you both direction and energy. Jamie Osborne’s book is the ultimate inspiration. Read it! You’ll be a fuller person!
— Mrs. Joseph Carlton Petrone, widow of Colonel and Ambassador Joseph Carlton Petrone
Jamie’s book is one of the most exquisitely observed, genuine, and inspiring memoirs I’ve had the pleasure of reading. He reveals with heartfelt rawness, the painful moments and beautiful blessings he has navigated along his unexpected journey. Jamie’s book is completely captivating, drawing you in as if you’re sitting in Jamie’s home listening to him tell his story directly to you. It is beautifully written and truly inspiring.
— Stephanie Percy, owner, Omni Creative
Source: af.mil
A great story of hope, determination, persistence and a positive mental attitude. This is a sterling example for anyone overcoming a very difficult physical or emotional accident. It also demonstrates the need for expert medical treatment, love and support from family and friends. I highly recommend this book to anyone for a superb example of courage and bravery.
— Carl G. Schneider, Major General, USAF (retired)
Athlete Jamie Osborne was doing what he loved best when suddenly it turned into a tragic accident that could have left him paralyzed for life. He unabashedly shares, in great detail, his discouragements, determination, love and sheer will that helped him cross an unbridgeable chasm to overcome great odds. His remarkable story of recovery, through many small victories, resulted in his walking, driving and living a life that inspires us all.
— — John J. Nicholas, Author, former US Navy Officer
Everyone faces a personal battle in one form or another but it’s how you face that challenge that predicts your future’s path. “Will Your Way Back” is a testament to Jamie’s path of strength, endurance, and perseverance. Through raw and elegant storytelling, Jamie paints a vivid picture of profound loss, invincible determination, and a stubborn yet hopeful acceptance of the present. With tireless determination, unstoppable will, and the ability to tell a story of triumph from the heart, Will Your Way Back shows the reader that nothing is impossible and against all odds a life can be beautiful even after the darkest of days.
— Adriana Brown, personal trainer, Seattle Athletic Club
Having known Jamie for well over 30 years now, I have personally seen tremendous pendulum swings that life has presented him with and am filled with admiration in how he has coped. The story of his injury and his remarkable “recovery” is something for the ages. But beyond the story of personal challenge and his will to live are life lessons that any of us can learn from as we cope with personal or business speed bumps that seem in the light of day to pale against Jamie’s struggle. This is not just a primer for those that are facing the new challenges of spinal cord injury, but a must read for anyone on how to cope with the ups and downs of life.
— Conrad M Bessemer, president, Novatec Inc.; executive chairman Prophecy Sensorlytics, LLC
IMG_2433 2.JPG
From the first page, Jamie’s story pulled me in with raw emotion, detailed facts and inspiration. First I felt sadness and sympathy. But that quickly turned to amazement and admiration. What followed was self-reflection, feeling of hope and a rush of motivation to never give up no matter what cards are dealt you!! Do yourself a favor and read Will Your Way Back.
— Dereck Soo, technology manager, Copacino + Fujikado
Jamie’s story is an emotional rollercoaster where he masterfully shows the difference between the light and the dark, where happy and sad are blurred when something traumatic happens. In his raw approach to his post injury world, he illustrates that the darkest places of our being, can in fact help us in finding the most wonderful experiences due to the hidden and the unseen powers that drive us as humans.
— Barry Long, owner, Talk and Roll Enterprises

Get Inspired

Get Inspired


James Osborne's Message of Encouragement to Readers

James H. Osborne Hope


When facing some kind of life challenge, road bump or impediment, you will see possibility instead of hopelessness; opportunity instead of despondence; victory instead of failure; desire instead of despair

James H. Osborne Compassion


An appreciation and heightened sensitivity for those struggling with life’s adversities

James H. Osborne Inspiration


Motivation to try, make an effort and push through the inevitable force fields trying to hold you back; pushing through resistance knowing there is a better outcome on the other side of effort; never quitting; persisting, persevering and prevailing

James H. Osborne Safety


It’s ok to be personal, open, real, authentic and vulnerable; in fact it will draw people closer to you rather than pushing them away.

James H. Osborne Trust


Belief in yourself, your body, and it’s remarkable capacity to reorganize and heal itself if you nurture it with the right “food” – attitude, nutrition, exercise, visualization and mindfulness. 

James H. Osborne Capability


Recognizing that fear can be a way of protecting yourself but also can be a limiter, a governor on revealing the enormous capabilities you have. Replacing fear and learning to trust yourself.

James H. Osborne Advocacy


Be a champion for you; for the questions you ask, the choices you make and the relationships you hold. Be your own voice. Take advice and counsel from others but ultimately stand strong for yourself.

James H. Osborne Belief


Be a rule breaker by following the voice that stirs within you. Many in your life will tell you can’t, or conventional wisdom says it’s not possible, or the mountain is too high, the climb too difficult. Replace doubt and pessimism with an unwavering commitment, knowing inside that your self-talk is always chanting, “I can”. And you will. One small victory at a time.