James Osborne is looking forward to speaking with Ben Lockett from the BikesAnd Podcast on Saturday, May 13th about his recently published book, Will Your Way Back.

About the BikesAnd Podcast:

Firstly, let’s talk about the name.  I want to create a Podcast for people who love to ride a bike, but are tired of being spoken to as if they are Tour de France contenders or get great pleasure in hucking off a 50 ft cliff, standard fodder for most of the marketing materials bike companies seem to think make you want to go out and buy a bike.  For most people there is so much more to the idea of riding a bike than this and I didn’t want to limit what we talk about to one narrow subject.  Hence Bikes And…which can be followed by kids, community, beer, dogs, food, raising money for a great cause, cruising the hood, staying fit, etc.  So, as I create episodes I’ll focus on these diverse topics, and more.