Join us to welcome James H. Osborne, author of Will Your Way Back: How One Man Overcame Tragedy with a Winning Mindset. Osborne will be at the store Thursday, Oct. 26, at 7pm.

Exercise and fitness were a central part of Jamie Osborne's life throughout his adult years, offering him a place of refuse, solace, camaraderie, and hard work. Osborne gave his all when running, skiing, cycling, rowing, or participating in various court sports. The workout and competition always brought him great joy and fulfillment...until June 2007.  

Catastrophically, Osborne was in a cycling accident and sustained a spinal cord injury that rendered him permanently disabled. As a result, his life was turned upside down. His professional career as an information technology leader was significantly altered, and his time as a recreational enthusiast was brought to an abrupt halt. He and his family have struggled mightily and Jamie has fought daily with the residual deficits of this "unimaginable injury." He has been relentless in his recovery, harnessing all of his faculties to battle this condition.

Though doctors said he would likely never walk again, Osborne has been fighting for nine years to recover his body. Will Your Way Back chronicles his journey, an exercise of will, to walk again and live independently. He has struggled professionally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually to overcome his disability and persevere in pursuit of a new normal. His story is unique and compelling. Anyone who has suffered loss, or have a loved one who is suffering this way, will draw hope from his inspiring story.