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  • United States


How do you know what you think you know? How does perception shape what you think you’re capable of, how you should interact with others, even how to change the world? On Tuesday, February 7, twelve innovative speakers will arrive on the Bellevue College campus for its first TEDx event at the Carlson Theater, with talks inspired by the word ‘perception.’ Topics range from the importance of silence in healing communities, why it’s never too late to quit a successful career in corporate America to start a rock band, and how an understanding of neurodiversity can help develop the unique potential of each member in their organization.

The diverse range of speakers are going to offer a fresh perspective and spark conversations about what we perceive, how we perceive, and what we can do to shift or broaden our perspectives to be more inclusive, engaged, and successful.


James Osborne will present his first speech at TEDxBellevue College titled "I Choose You Choose." 


TEDxBellevueCollege will be held on the campus of Bellevue College at Carlson Theatre from 1pm - 5pm. A reception will immediately follow.